Little Elm

When it comes to residential roofing repair in Little Elm, trust Current Roofing. We have been defining reliability and trust in Little Elm for over 15 years. We have repaired and replaced hundreds of residential roofs in your area, in your neighborhood… and maybe even your neighbor’s roof!

As you know, it’s important to take care of your most precious asset, your home, and your roof takes a beating. Routine maintenance and repairs in both summer and winter months can improve durability and longevity of your roofing system.


We are confident that after working with us, you will see Current Roofing as the top roofer in Little Elm! Just call us for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Your Current Roofing representative will walk you through the process and benefits of getting a new roof through your insurance.


Your Current Roofing representative will walk you through inspection of the exterior and interior if necessary.


Your Current Roofing representative will contact your insurance company to file your claim to get process in motion.


Your Current Roofing representative will meet the insurance adjuster to ensure the damages are assessed properly.


Contact your Current Roofing Representative to review the scope of work and reimbursement check.


Current Roofing completes your job per the insurance company’s estimate. This is often one day process.

The fastest way to get your roof fixed or replaced is to contact us today to request your free inspection.